Best Masters Week Deals


KJ Augusta Luxury Rentals Ready For Masters Week!

Luxury corporate rentals near Augustan National.


Are you planning to be in Augusta for Masters Week? If the answer to that question is yes, you have been thinking about a place to stay. To make the decision easier for you, KJ Rentals is offering luxury corporate rentals at a reasonable price.

KJ Rentals' three properties (Masters House, River House and River Suite) are located in a safe, peaceful and refreshing area. Most importantly, these properties are very close to Augusta National's golf course.

KJ Rentals also provides maid service which made our previous Masters Week customers happy, and led them to endorse us. We'll let our endorsers do the praise:

"The river suite is the perfect location for the single professional. KJ was very prompt in addressing even the most minor of concerns that arose during my stay. She always displayed 100% professionalism and courtesy for my needs." -- C.G

"The River House is a lovely house with all the modern appliances, good bathrooms, and convenient kitchen. But best of all is the unusually beautiful setting, looking out over the Savannah River.  My guests all loved it." -- Lynn Ogden during 2013 Masters Week.

Since our customers already let the secret out, KJ Rentals has only one option--provide the same or better service to our next customers. Since we cannot provide less service, it would only get better.

We invite you to check our reasonable prices here. You'll get the best service and luxurious place at a good price from KJ Rentals. Tour our properties by clicking the slideshow.

Great Catch!


Fishing is just one of the many outdoor activities enjoyed by visitors at the River House and the River Suite. Yesterday a guest sent me pictures of the incredible fish he caught as he fished from the boat dock, a 30 inch bowfin and a slightly smaller chain pickerel. Wow! Imagine catching dinner in your own backyard. Your corporate rental experience is like a vacation when you stay at our river homes in Augusta. 



"A cheerful frame of mind, reinforced by the medicine that puts all ghosts of fear on the run."
-- George Matthew Adams

Breathe deeply in and out, let your shoulders droop and close your eyes. Feel pressure escaping from your fingertips. Relaxation is release of tension, a return to equilibrium. Taking time regularly to relax is proven to lower your risk of chronic disease and keep your brain clear.

After a long day at work there is no better way to relax than enjoying the Jacuzzi at the River House. You can sink into the swirling warmth while pinpoints of light shine in the sky, and candles flicker through a veil of steam. Breathe in the calming aura and allow all tension to drain away, leaving your mind and body free.

 Furnished rental in Augusta Georgia. 

Shout-out to Lowe's!


I could say that Lowe’s is my home away from home. All the houses that I own in Augusta have been completely remodeled, and the Lowe’s store in North Augusta has been integral in that process. I have visited Lowe’s countless times and I am always welcomed warmly and have no problem finding exactly what I need.

I know all the employees at the North Augusta Lowe's and they know me, in fact they all have a nickname for me, 'Blondie'. Here I am with Lauren, my go-to girl and favorite Lowe’s employee. Lauren is so friendly, she always has a smile on her face. When I’m feeling frustrated or sad I know Lauren will cheer me up.

Lowe’s motto is ‘Never Stop Improving’ and they apply that motto to their own customer service. Everyone at Lowe’s is so knowledgeable and I could never have attempted the remodeling projects without their assistance. Thank you Lowe’s!

There is a Lowe’s store conveniently located about ten minutes from the River House and the Masters House

Paddleboarding on the Savannah River



Paddleboarding is just one of many activities to be enjoyed on the Savannah River. Imagine stepping off of your own private boat dock and drifting along with only the music of nature for company. Paddleboard tours, rentals and lessons are available in Augusta. Click here for more information. 

I was pleased to receive this picture from Ben, a guest at the River House. He and his dog are having a great time paddleboarding on the river. 

Great Blue Heron Sighting at the River House


I love to watch Great Blue Herons. With an average wingspan of six feet they are large and majestic birds. They drop out of the sky and glide along the surface of the river, blue-gray feathers glistening in the sun and blending together with the water. As a California native, the Great Blue Herons remind me of pelicans flying over the open ocean. I love to take the boat out on the river and go “heron hunting”. I’ll freeze whenever I see one and drink in the sight.

As I was visiting Georgia this summer I took pictures of a Great Blue Heron on the boat dock at the River House. He stood perfectly still for several minutes, like he was posing for the camera.

In an attempt to attract more Great Blue Herons to the River House I put breadcrumbs and birdseed out on the dock. Today as I was reading more about Great Blue Herons I saw that they’re carnivores.

                                                                                                                                 No wonder they never ate the birdseed. 

Morning at the River House


The cool morning breeze caresses my face as I step through the doorway. The air smells of dew, grass and water, delicious freshness seeping into my lungs. My feet skip forward and I feel the smooth wood of the balcony, warm from the sun. A delicate end table receives my coffee and muffin, a chair waits for me.

It is a beautiful morning. How could morning not be beautiful here? I love to snatch a few minutes out here whenever I can, to relax, to read, to gaze at the different lights that smile at nature.

All to soon I have to leave; the clock calls mercilessly. I finish the last crumbs of the muffin, purchased yesterday at The Fresh Market. As my mind turns to a day of computer screens and paperwork I sense movement. Someone has come to visit me, folding his wings and taking a similar morning respite. A great blue heron stands tall on the boat dock.

A smile comes to my face. 

Somewhere In Augusta


Serving up barbecue, beer and belly laughs comes Augusta’s self-proclaimed #1 sports bar: Somewhere In Augusta. Mouthwatering meaty meals feature John Boy & Billy Grillin’ Sauce, which promises that “Your Meat's Never been SO Happy!” In addition to delicious food, Somewhere In Augusta is the home of the area’s only comedy club. Part of the nation’s largest comedy network, many of the comedians performing at Somewhere In Augusta have been seen on The Tonight Show, The Late Show with David Letterman, HBO, Showtime and Comedy Central.  With shows every Wednesday at 8:00 you’ll enjoy stand-up comedy the way it was meant to be.

Located at 2820 Washington Rd. Somewhere In Augusta is just one mile from the Masters House. Stay with us and experience all that Augusta has to offer.

“When you want the coldest beer in town, the best food anywhere and something to make you smile, visit Somewhere In Augusta.”